• JEED Investment Company Ltd was established in Sudan, in 2002,. to operate in several business areas, taking into account the shift of large economic development that have occurred in Sudan, which was reflected in the development of many sectors such as infrastructure and construction sector as well as other interesting areas , animal and agricultural production and exports of agricultural crops and Edible oil sectors.

    JEED Mission:

    We are committed to providing high quality Products and Service for our Clients.

    We will continuously strive to improve the quality of our Products and Services,

    We are focusing on developing a highly skilled and motivated team.

    JEED Values:

    Our Staff is Our Asset.

    To get contracts with government agencies and the private sector in an ethical manner and through official channels.

    We serve our community through the creation of long term career opportunities for the youth.

    Create long life business relationship based on mutual trust & confidence