• Resources

    To implement these business, A high qualified team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers . Has been appointed and the willingness to carry out the work according to customer requirements, and specialized workshops in in addition to the mobilized workshops are available in Khartoum State and other states of Sudan.

    Our Policy

    Throughout the construction process on every project we are offering all resources to ensure all projects are completed safely, on schedule, within budget and to the best possible standard.

    Export Sector

    Since Sudan is mainly agricultural country the company is focusing on agricultural products (field crops):

    hibiscus flower , sesames , sienna pod , dried lemon , oil seeds

    Import sector

    The company produces its products in specialized plants and high quality one with ISO certified and under the brand owned by the company in China, and the company is importing these products to implement its projects and for sale in the local market, which include:

    Save energy lamps.

    False ceilings.


    Links and electricity.

    Vertical curtains.


    Aluminum Sheets.

    Gypsum board (for ceiling and partitions).

    Slotted board (decorative wood).