• Areas in which the Company Operates

    Agricultural and Animal Production:

    We believe that the Agricultural & Animal sector in Sudan must play a prominent role in the economy, to invest in this sector the company has a pilot agricultural and animal project in the state of Khartoum, which contains:

    1. 6 units of the greenhouses.

    2. Experimental dairy farm .

    3. Sheep Farm.

    Construction sector:

    The company operates in the construction industry with special emphasis on the following fields:

    False ceiling work.

    The work of lighting.


    Binding business buildings.

    Aluminum works.

    Vertical curtains.

    The work of gypsum.

    The work of parquet.

    Cladding Work.

    Aluminum Work.

    Steel Constructions:

    The company operate in the activities and supply of Steel Constructions, that includes but not limited to: Steel Pre-Engineered Buildings, Structural Steel, Towers & Galvanizing and Process Equipment.