• JEED’s Structure

    Project Management

    How we work with our clients depends on their needs, but in general we treat the construction service as project & we apply project management methodology, which include (but not limited to) the following:

    Set the objectives of the research

    Through the first meeting that held with the client.

    Assigning the team

    According to the objectives of the construction project the right team will be assigned.

    Project vision meeting

    At the beginning of the project a visionary meeting will be held with participation of all the team

    involves in the project to:

    Clear understands the objectives of the project.

    Planning the project.

    Assigning individuals for each project task.

    Estimate project duration.

    Estimate project cost.

    Project Plan

    A detailed plan for the project will be presented to the client for final approval.

    Project Execution

    The project will be executed based on the plan mentioned above.